Blue's Clues Is Back...With Another New Host!

Blue has ski-dooed into 2019 and no, neither Steve nor Joe are returning. BUT the reboot has revealed the newest cast member who will have the pride of sitting in the Thinking Chair!

Joshua Dela Cruz, a Broadway veteran, will host Blues Clues and You as Josh on Nick Jr. this fall with his CGI-animated friend, Blue! The show will follow the same format as the original series where Blue will leave three clues around the house prompting Josh and the viewers to whip out their Handy Dandy Notebooks to solve her daily puzzles. Characters like Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, Tickity Tock, Magenta and others will remain on the show and we also got a sneak peak of the Handy Dandy Guitar in the show's trailer, which is set to debut this November!

So who is the newest member of the Blue's Clues family? According to People Magazine, Dela Cruz "played the understudy of Aladdin and a member of the ensemble in Broadway’s stage musical of the Disney animated movie" and during casting, the show's original host, Steve Burns, was available to give Dela Cruz "two thumbs up."



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