Amy Started Cleaning Fruits & Veggies With Spray

Photo: MEDITERRANEAN / E+ / Getty Images

Amy shared a PSA for cleaning the outsides of fruits and vegetables!  

She used an orange as an example. When you peel the orange, you immediately start touching the inside of it and eat it and then you transfer the bacteria from the outside of the orange to the inside. Even if you use a knife to cut open something like an avocado, if it’s touched the unwashed outside and then you use it on the inside, the knife is transferring the bacteria.  

Amy started doing this after reading an article about it and now she’s obsessed with cleaning the outsides of her fruits and veggies. To make the process faster, she bought a fruit and veggie spray for $3. She sprays it, lets it sit for 30 seconds and then rinses it before eating. Bobby Bones and Lunchbox thought she was a sucker for buying the spray and that she could just use the sink.  Her PSA is if you’re handling food or using a knife to cut it open, rinse it a few times to make sure it’s clean so you’re not consuming bacteria!  

Photo: Getty Images

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