Thurs Part 2: Things We're Taking A Break From + Song Opening Line Winner!

Thurs Part 1: Mason Ramsey Is On! + Elder vs. Millennial!

Mason Ramsey is in the studio with us! He talks about life after being a viral sensation, how he ended up on the new Twisters movie soundtrack and his new album and tour! Plus, we play another round of Elder vs. Millennial and more!

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Is It a Red Flag If He Doesn't Like Dogs or Cats? with Dr. Josie Horchak

Dr. Josie Horchak is Amy's guest today and they talk about everything from relationships (what couples fight about on vacation) to acupuncture (for humans & dogs!) to setting boundaries around 'work talk' to Josie knowing after just one month of dating that she was going to marry her boyfriend (now husband) & so much more!

Check out Dr. Josie's new podcast: In the Vet's Office with Dr. Josie Horchak. She helps listeners navigate pet ownership and shares interesting cases that she's seen in her 18+ year career as a veterinarian.

HOST: Amy Brown // // @RadioAmy

GUEST: Dr. Josie Horchak // @drjosievet

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Lunchbox The Scam Artist

In this episode Lunchbox reveals how he was able to "scam" some folks all in the name of Lionel Messi. Do you think this was a scam or just a good business move? On this day 6 years ago Lunchbox had his life changed forever so he takes a few minutes to reflect on that journey. Also a special nurse gets a shout out for her work in the NICU that we will never forget. Plus Ray brings us Texts From Justin! Happy Birthday BabyBox! 

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Wed Part 2: Our Thoughts On Ingrid Andress’ National Anthem + Bobbyfeud!

We share our thoughts on Ingrid Andress' National Anthem situation and the statement she released afterwards...Plus, we play another round of the Bobbyfeud! Category is 80s childhood shows, can you guess the number one answer?

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Wed Part 1: Megan Moroney Is On! + Lunchbox's Childhood Home Picture Dilemma

Megan Moroney is on the show! She talks about her new album, Am I Okay? why she shot her shot with Glen Powell, being on the new Twisters soundtrack, her vice while on tour with Kenny Chesney and more! Then, when Lunchbox went to Chicago he took a picture in front of his grandparent's childhood home, is that weird or okay? 

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Tues Part 2: Amy Shares Hinge Messages + Who's The Voice Behind New Jingle?

Amy has a bunch of messages from the dating app Hinge that she wants the show to rate! Plus, we share who the voice is behind the show's new jingle and more!

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Tues Part 1: Is There Beef Happening With The Show? + Tuesday Reviews Day

Find out if there is beef happening between a country artist and the show... Plus, we share another round of movie and TV show recommendations and more!

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“All of My Injuries Are Mental” (5th Thing)

Amy & Kat give advice to a listener that emailed asking how to juggle things in life she’s not good at (yet!) like cleaning/organizing, finances, and physical health. Intern Adelyn teaches us about ‘tinned fish girls’ and Amy quizzes Kat to see if she has a ‘girl math brain’ (ex: if you’re paying someone back for dinner and you have money in your Venmo account, that dinner is free, or anything you buy with a gift card is free!! haha) 

“Our outer worlds invariably affect our inner worlds and vice versa.” 
– Danielle Roeske, Psy.D

5 Mental Health Benefits of Cleaning:
- Sense of order and control
- Familiarity and consistency
- Released endorphins
- Improved focus
- Regulated emotions


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#461 - John Peets on His Role Managing Eric Church's Career + How To Build Artists

John Peets sits down with Bobby Bones to give an inside look of what being a manager for artists is like! John has been the longtime manager for Eric Church since 2004. He shared how he's helped play a role in his career, what he saw in Church in his early days and more. He also shares what he does to help build an artist and the importance of knowing their audience. John is also a manager for artists like Brett Eldredge, Brothers Osborn and Ashley McBryde and shares what it's like working with them, how he helps the artists build their brands and more!

Check out John's Artist management Q Prime South on Instagram!

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