Bobby Shares Thoughtful Gift Wife Gave Him For His Birthday

Today is Bobby Bones' birthday!  

He’s never been a big birthday guy, but gifts are his love language. He loves receiving and giving gifts and tries to put a lot of effort into them. When he got home yesterday his wife gave him his gift early because she knew he would be busy on his birthday, and she didn’t want it to be rushed so they could celebrate properly. It was in a big box that was about 2 feet tall and wide but thin, and it was packaged weirdly.  

Before Bones got into sports memorabilia and buying things people had signed, his wife found a live auction from Planet Hollywood that had a self-inspiration letter Andy Kaufman wrote himself, which is Bones dead hero. It’s a full page of his writing from the 70s called “Why Breakfast Is Meaningless.” The purchase had to be made in person at the auction, so she had to get someone to be there and do a telephone/proxy bid. When Bones opened it, he almost cried. She spent three months trying to get it and really nailed his gift this year!  

Tonight, Bones is doing a live stream on his Instagram, @MrBobbyBones at 6pm where he will be opening a big box of baseball cards. Inside the cards, there is an invitation to a party, but you don’t know which tier you’re going to get, and there is also a famous dead person who has signed something. He’s also going to do some breaks with DormDudes!  Also, his wife’s family is in town for his birthday and for Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots Million Dollar Show at the Ryman happening tomorrow night (April 3rd).  

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